Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sewing projects

Wow, over a month since my last post...  That's awful!  I have lots of cards to post, but today, I'm just posting 1 and my sewing projects.

These 3 purses are for my girlfriends for our Christmas gift exchange.  I just need to add buttons to the blue and black ones. 

This is the start of a bag that I am making for a friend to give as gifts- I made one for her already and have this one & 2 others to go.  I'll post pictures of the final products.
This is a quilt top that I've had done for some time and will be finishing for a white elephant exchange at my family's Christmas party- the striped material is the backing.

And last, one card- I made 6 of these for a swap through Crafty Card Gallery.  Looking forward to getting the other cards from the swap.  I really like the colors and texture on this- I thought it was fun.  I've been trying to find more ribbon so I could make some more like this, but it was from the $1 spool collection at JoAnn's and they don't seem to have it anymore. :(

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  1. Love those purses... too cute!! And that quilt looks sooooo warm, I want it!! :)